Reparations, or How to be a Great Ancestor in This Time

In the wake of last week’s historic reparations hearings, this felt like the right time to finally try and write down what I’ve been thinking about a lot this year (or really since my daughter was born 10 months ago). This odd, burning question: how can I be a great ancestor in this time?

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The Case for Burning Bridges

She had recently been hired as a senior executive at her organization. As we were chatting about the respective difficulties of our chosen paths, she leaned in and said,  “Be good to all the people you meet over the years, because you never know where they might end up.”

This is the colonizer’s architecture at play: all building bridges and climbing ladders. When you burn bridges, you lose access to ladders; and even when we start 100 floors above the rest, the idea of giving up a good ladder just seems like too much.

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Your Ally is Not Your Partner: Thoughts on Adaptive Leadership

We talk a lot about allies in social justice work, but if there’s one idea I want you to walk away with (and that’s why it’s in the title), it’s that your ally is not your partner. Your allies support your efforts but they will not take risks with you, at least not the kinds that you need them to in order to create systemic change. Your partners will. Know the difference, or else you will find yourself in critical moments with far less support than you thought you had.

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