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Next Economy Now Podcast: Just Transition, Philanthropy, and the Scourge of DAFs

In late July, I was fortunate enough to appear on the Next Economy Now podcast and be interviewed by Ryan Honeyman, Worker-owner at LIFT Economy and co-author of the B Corp Handbook v2.0. We talked a bit about my social enterprise journey, each other’s processes of unraveling layers of privilege towards being a better partner in social justice work, and why the misuse of donor-advised funds is a prime example of how philanthropy is deepening wealth inequality and oppressive systems. Also, dinosaurs!

If you like podcasts and social justice, check it out here! Runtime is 52:22 so mentally prepare yourself and maybe just play it on your long ass commute.

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Reparations, or How to be a Great Ancestor in This Time

In the wake of last week’s historic reparations hearings, this felt like the right time to finally try and write down what I’ve been thinking about a lot this year (or really since my daughter was born 10 months ago). This odd, burning question: how can I be a great ancestor in this time?

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